Here are some of things people have been saying about their lessons with me....

Yesterday (7am - no flies!) I hacked Pads down to Stoke Gabriel Quay - unchartered territory for him - he paddled into the river, stood for 15 minutes whilst buying and eating ice cream cornets, was STROKED!! by numerous people and didn't side swipe a single one into the Mill Pond. A trailer with 8 brightly coloured kayaks came into the car park and parked beside him - he could have been a police horse. I'm so grateful to you for your help in turning around the shaky little white pony that couldn't pluck up the courage to go through the yard gate - he is unrecognisable, and so much fun! Wendy

Thanks Nell for the trailer loading session. I have been amazed at how quickly Paddy has made changes to his attitude to the lorry. I thought others might find my experience interesting. Paddy had never actually refused to load but was never happy to go into the lorry or trailer and on occasions had "thrown himself" around until we pulled off. At times, he couldn't even bring himself to take a treat in the lorry. He then recently become much more unhappy to load and I realised I really did need to fix this before it became a real problem. So, I asked Nell if I could have a trailer loading lesson. We finished our session with Paddy choosing to calmly canter up the ramp and stand there quite happily. Since then, I have continued to play with the lorry, without putting any pressure on him and he has been happily loading and eating a small feed in there. We even loaded backwards quite calmly. I was amazed yesterday when the gate was left open into the area my lorry is kept in and he very enthusiastically made straight for it, looked for treats in the usual places I put them on the lorry and then loaded himself!! We will continue our sessions trying to make the lorry a place he really loves and finds comfort in but I really cannot believe how long I have avoided this issue and how little it has taken for my little horse to say "it’s really quite a nice place to be". Thank you Nell. Lindsey

Without doubt my understanding of my horse has hugely benefited from the lessons. Our progress became much quicker as Nell helped us unravel Hugo's issues. Thanks Nell!!  Alan

In just such a short time myself and my horse have learnt such a lot. Excellent! Julie

Your perception of (a) the whole situation and (b) moment to moment situations within the whole - which enabled you top pick out what the horse needed in that moment - and so helped me to give it! Gillian

Having got a young horse I needed expert help which I have got from Nell. I would not be where I am now without Nell. Sue

I heard about Nell through a word of mouth recommendation and she has worked to help my horse and I through a difficult period in his training. She works in an intuitive way and has a plan for all eventualities making sure the session is student centred and pushes us forward with confidence and new skills. I feel that both my ponies are happier with the more confident approach that I am giving them and I am more confident to do ridden things that were impossible in the past due to a combination of fear and a lack of confidence in the horse/human relationship (with past horses) I would thoroughly recommend Nell as an instructor - she is happy to help with any issues that you have with your horse. Lesley

I find Nell’s way of teaching very beneficial to me personally as she is not only helping to teach my horse but me as well, I found some instructors work so much on just the horse that your own skills are never improved. I also find Nell to be very encouraging in a group environment, I'm finding my confidence where I would have struggled in the past! Jennie

During the last 12 months I have had quite a number of private lessons with Nell. She is quiet and works with great integrity to help me move forward with my horse and the success I have found has brought me great joy. My horse is much less emotional and I feel I have an ally to turn to if I have an issue to solve. Janine

I have been studying natural horsemanship since 2003 but never attended a clinic or lesson and did everything unofficially. This time around with a new horse we're doing it properly and since spectating at a clinic with Nell, and having a brilliant lesson our progress is just that, progress. The lesson was very insightful and encouraging. Nell gives you time to process the information and gives 100% to the horse. Breeze began the lesson being his typical LBE self and I ended up with a calm, connected and level headed horse with lots of questions. This is the start of many lessons, clinics and support and I would recommend Nell to anyone, she's brilliant! Clare

Thankyou Nell, I have never seen my usually nervous pony so relaxed. Melissa

Nell is a friendly, approachable person who has a calm confident way with horses. I shall always be grateful for her input with Thomas and our circling which, from that moment, went from strength to strength. Jill



Thank you for restoring my faith in the equine world!! Janet


I contacted Nell as I needed help with my very green, unbacked five year old. Having been away from horses for about twenty five years myself I was feeling pretty green myself and slightly overwhelmed. Roley had developed a couple of bad habits himself which were down to my efforts of getting him started in a more traditional way and I was keen to learn to use natural horsemanship and build a relationship with him. Nell came along and very quickly assessed our situation in a very quiet, calm and professional manner. She gave instruction in a very positive way which gave me the confidence to carry on in her absence and build up the skills and relationship which we needed to move forward. I would thoroughly recommend Nell and hope to continue our journey with her in the future. Fiona


When I contacted Nell, I was nearly at the end of my tether with my new horse ! Although I had been doing natural horsemanship for a few years & was doing well with my other horse, my efforts with my new horse were not having much success ! I had lost most of my confidence with him & had even contemplated selling him again, as he kept taking off leading him down the lane & was very explosive ! Even kicking me in the back of the head in his bid to escape once ! Nell is a brilliant, natural teacher, she helps you & the horse to progress at the speed you both need without making you or the horse feel wrong or pressured. My horse is now so much better after our lessons with Nell. He is much calmer & more confident, & I'm sure our relationship will continue to improve with Nell's help! I am truly grateful to Nell for all her help & support. Melissa


Thank you for a great weekend. In reflecting I know we've come a long way. You are a really good teacher. You push me just far enough to challenge me without shattering my confidence. Lindsey

My horse used to be an absolute nightmare to even lead in and out from the field. After Nell helped me, he now walks along beside me like a lamb and is so much braver with everything. Anna


Something really seemed to click with him that day so I am eternally grateful for such a cool lesson!! Jodie



I just had to write to tell you the progress Stroller and I have made with trailer loading since our session. The next time she saw a trailer she walked straight in ...three times and stayed there happily! You have truly helped me to develop the excellence in trailer loading I wanted through recognising the difference between fear, uncertainty and defiance and helped me so much with my timing that my beautiful mare never felt wrong, and always had a choice. You quit the session at exactly the right time and have given me the confidence to keep improving this area of my horsemanship.  Becky