Nell Candelaria (née Cruse) has been competing and working with horses since she was 5. Based in South Devon, she has studied horse behaviour extensively and offers a unique blend of traditional knowledge and practical horsemanship.

Nell specialises in:

 - Trouble-shooting common issues;

 - Rebuilding lost confidence;

 - Riding more effectively; 

 - Developing a better bond; and

 - Improving equine biomechanics.  

Nell's journey to understanding a deeper level of horsemanship started after 20 years of traditional competition at a local and regional level. A horse came into her life who didn't respond to any of the regular training techniques and she couldn't understand why. When Nell started changing the way she interacted with him, it started her on the path of learning that led to her being able to help others with similar problems.

Qualifications and Achievements:


  • Five years as an instructor for a major natural horsemanship organisation
  • BHS Complete Coach in Horsemanship (formerly known as BHS AI)
  • UKCC Level 2 Coach 
  • Current First Aid and Child Protection Certificates
  • Enhanced DBS Certificate 
  • Competition experience in dressage, show jumping, eventing, showing and polocrosse


Nell Candelaria: Who am I and what do I teach?

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have been associated with two major learning organisations as an instructor, one natural horsemanship organisation in the past, Parelli, and one more mainstream horsemanship organisation, the British Horse Society. People often ask me how I have transitioned from one to the other and in all honesty, it wasn’t a problem. Good horsemanship is good horsemanship, regardless of what equipment you use or what organisation you affiliate yourself with. I am a BHS Instructor and can help you with all the regular things that people have issues with such as impulsion, contact, confidence but I bring horse behaviour and a bunch of different training techniques I have picked up from other horsemen such as Joe Wolter and Buck Brannaman. On the traditional side of things, I have trained with Luis Lucio (double Olympian for Spain) and Spencer Wilton (silver medallist in Rio with Team GB). More recently, I have been studying with Jean Luc Cornielle, the founder of Science of Motion. Jean Luc's work is revolutionary and has completely changed the quality of my horses' work. So, if you just want to ride, that is fine. If you just want to stay on the ground, that is fine too. The only time I might interfere with this is if I think your horse's behaviours are too extreme to be safe in the saddle. Let me say also that I will point out behaviours that don't fit a standard pattern as, sometimes, this can be an indicator of underlying pain. Lessons can be a regular hour, although if you have a specific problem, I like to have a little longer if possible to really drill down to the issue. Also, if you live further away, I may ask that the lesson being a certain length as I don't drive for longer than the session duration."


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