My virtual learning page is here to support you when I can't be around.

There are three main areas I can help you - 1) distance learning; 2) ideas and inspiration and 3) BHS theory (Ride Safe, Stable Management and Challenge Awards)



Distance Learning

1) Put your phone or camera on the arena fence.

2) Film up to 10 minutes of you working with your horse. 

3) Upload to Youtube (Private Setting) or WhatsApp and send me the link via the Contacts  page.

4) Pay £10 via Paypal or BACS. 

5) Recieve detailed feedback on your video.


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Don't do technology? 

1) Call for a chat. We can talk through what you are working on. 

2) Pay £10 via Paypal or BACS. 

3) I will send you a targeted plan of action for the agreed timescale with specific activites for you and your horse. 

4) We will have a follow up phone call to discuss the plan. 


Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for something that tests the bond between you and your horse? No access to horse transport or you don’t want to ride? Need goals to help you progress?



1) Download a Natural-e Test for free.

2) Enjoy.

3) Come back next month for another.


1) Download a Natural-e Test for free.

2) Film your test. 

3) Upload to WhatsApp or Youtube (Private Setting) and send me the link via the Contacts  page.

4) Pay £4 via Paypal or BACS for digital feedback on your test.

5) Come back next month for another.

Natural-e tests your equitation skills from the comfort of your own yard. You need approx 20m x 20m area, although all shapes an sizes go! Place your camera in one place so you can see all thr markers and press record. Arena layout available on every test sheet. 

All Natural-e Tests are subject to Copyright. 


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Groundskills tests mean you can have alot of fun with your horse without even getting on. This suits people who want to build a deeper bond with their horse, maybe they have confidence issues riding or the horse cannot be ridden. 

Basic Tests - use a rope between 10ft and 15ft – Test 01; Intermediate Tests - use a rope between 15ft and 25ft – Test 21; Advanced Tests - use a rope longer than 25ft - Pick from Test 41 


Connection tests your communication skills without the safety net of a rope. It's a magical feeling when your horse accepts you as one of the herd to play with.

Basic - tasks at slow speeds and short distances - Test 101; Intermediate - ​tasks at medium speeds and medium distances - Test 121; Advanced - tasks at faster speeds and long distances - Test 141


BHS Ride Safe Award

I am trained to deliver the content of the BHS Ride Safe Award to any rider, not just BHS Members. Please contact me for more information.