Looking for a competition that tests the bond between you and your horse?

No access to horse transport or you don’t want to ride?

Need goals to help you progress?

Natural-e tests your equitation skills from the comfort of your own yard. ​Rosettes and feedback are given to every competitor.

Tests changed monthly to keep variety. You don't need any fancy clothing, membership to any organisation or even a cameraman. In fact, all you need is a small area to film your test, a few obstacles, a camera and a YouTube account. Simply pick a test, practice it over a month, film it when you are ready and submit it.

Current test entries close on 31th December 2017. Click here to submit your entry


Rosettes will be awarded to all entrants. Place rosettes are awarded depending on the score achieved as follows:

1st – 70% and above

2nd – 66% - 69.99%

3rd – 62% - 65.99%

4th – 58% - 61.99%

5th – 54% - 57.99%

6th – 50% - 53.99%

Special – 49.99% and below

Please read the Rules and Terms and Conditions  prior to entry.

Groundskills tests mean you can have alot of fun with your horse without even getting on. This suits people who want to build a deeper bond with their horse, maybe they have confidence issues riding or the horse cannot be ridden. 

Basic Tests - use a rope between 10ft and 15ft – Test 01

Intermediate Tests - use a rope between 15ft and 25ft – Test 21

Advanced Tests - use a rope longer than 25ft - Pick from Test 41


Groundskills Class

Ridden tests are designed to help you develop feel, and a good seat and leg connection. This is fundamental to riding well, whatever discipline you pursue.

Basic - tasks at slow speeds – Test 11

Intermediate - tasks at medium speeds – Test 31

Advanced - tasks at faster speeds – Test 51


Ridden Class

Connection tests your communication skills without the safety net of a rope. It's a magical feeling when your horse accepts you as one of the herd to play with.

Basic - tasks at slow speeds and short distances - Test 101

Intermediate - ​tasks at medium speeds and medium distances - Test 121

Advanced - tasks at faster speeds and long distances - Test 141


Connection Class

Freestyle Tests allow you to express yourself by designing your own floor plan and adding your own music! In each category, you can choose from three degrees of difficulty.

Groundskills – Pick from Tests 10, 30 or 50

Connection – Pick from Tests 110, 130 or 150

Ridden - Pick from Tests 20, 40 or 60

Freestyle to Music Class