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December 30, 2017
End of year wrap up

It’s interesting when you sit back and reflect on a year in your life at all the things that have happened. It wasn’t long into the year when I lost my dear Taz. I think the best way to sum up is that he changed my life so I could change his. He was always willing to offer his 100% best, no matter what it cost him. Just when the whole family, including Shaun, were reeling from his loss, Hugo appeared into our lives and brought humour and brightness into our days. Shaun has transformed from a grumpy so-and-so to his old perky self again. Hugo is a breath of fresh air and makes me laugh every day!

Professionally, I started off the year with this wild ambition to get my BHSAI. In all honesty, I didn’t think I could do it but Clare Sansom pushed me like crazy, completely beyond anything I could have ever imagined I could achieve. I have some lovely people to thank for being amazing generous with their time and horses – Jodie, Lisa, Wendy, Jeff and the amazing Paddy.

Then towards the end of the year, I turned 40 and I can honestly say, I’m so excited about what comes next. I have so many plans for 2018 – I’m not sure if there are all achievable, but then, I said that about 2017! There are not one, but two, massive goals in the pipeline – one professional, one personal.

I want to thank all my amazing clients who are so dedicated and wonderful to spend time with. Also, my lovely family and friends who put up with me and my crazy ideas. 

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