Hugo arrived in February 2017 and he's been growing ever since! He was born in May 2014, bred locally. He has a great aptitude for learning and is quite the clown.


November 8, 2017
Hugo's first ridden trot

Hugo has been coming along nicely recently. He is now a really confident learner and is able to take on board a bit more information than when I first got him. He understands the training system that I use (of pressure and release) so has started to offer things to see if it will get a reward. He always has such a bright expression – I guess his curiosity has not been blunted – and he learns things so fast that sometimes I have to just stop and check with myself that he learned something that had once taken me a long while to grasp myself! I guess because I know what I am looking for a little more now, it’s easier to know when he is getting warmer. Today, I wanted to see if he could trot with me on board. I tried yesterday and he was a little reluctant to go, more of an un-confidence, so today I got my mum to come in the barn with us in case he needed a little help from the ground. I need not have worried, as once going each time, he trotted with purpose and freedom and seemed very unconcerned that I was on his back.