Hugo arrived in February 2017 and he's been growing ever since! He was born in May 2014, bred locally. He has a great aptitude for learning and is quite the clown.


September 8, 2017
Hugo learning about forwards

I thought this video of Hugo learning might help a few people. I asked him to trot round two markers and he got stuck each time going from right to left, not so much with the turn but the concept of going forwards afterwards. He doesn't always think forwards, although once he is moving, he actually frees up. So I made sure every time he made an effort to go forwards on this turn, he was allowed to go forwards for a bit before asking for another turn. I don't want to be turning him a lot right now if it is going to start to second guess going forwards. The last revolution he was much more forwards in his turn and continuation so we stopped. Often when I see people playing with this, they get really stuck on making it look as good as it can be as a whole exercise, when sometimes it would be better to work on the ingredients of the exercise.