My name is Nell Candelaria (nee Nell Cruse) and I am a 2-Star Licenced Parelli Instructor based in South Devon. I have been studying the natural horsemanship 2008 and have progressed to Instructor level. I am available to teach groundskills online and at liberty as well as riding without contact.

My journey to natural horsemanship started after 20 years of traditional competition at a local and regional level. A horse came into my life who didn't respond to any of the regular training techniques and I just couldn't understand why. When I started changing the way I interacted with him, it started me on the path of realisation that it was my problems and lack of understanding that was making him behave the way he did. Slowly but surely, I began to change my behaviour towards him, to understand his point of view. This horse is still with me today and is a daily reminder of how natural horsemanship can turn your nightmares into dreams.


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Natural Horsemanship competitions from the comfort of your own yard - www.natural-e.net

No-one near you doing natural horsemanship?Natural-e_Logo_Blue_on_white1.jpgNo access to horse transport?
Frustrated that you don't seem to be progressing?
​Want to be involved in something new and exciting?

Natural-e is a site where you can test your natural horsemanship skills from the comfort of your own yard. Rosettes and feedback are given to every competitor and you can even compete in the Natural-e League.

You don't need any fancy clothing, membership to any organisation or even a cameraman. In fact, all you need is a small area to film your test, a few obstacles, a camera and a YouTube account. Simply pick a test, practice it over the month, film it when you are ready and submit it before the month is out. To find out more, go to www.natural-e.net